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Loving Organisation Vs. Extremism – Training Course on antiextremism and radicalisation. Malta, January 21st-29th 2024.

Udruga Better Me is thrilled to present L.O.V.E, a training course on anti-extremism and radicalisation that will take place in Malta, in January 21st-29th, 2024.

We extend our invitation to 3 dedicated individuals aged 18 and above, including youthworkers, activists, youth leaders, youth managers, educators, social workers, psychologists, and other professionals from Croatia (either citizens or legal resident in Croatia). The project involved Country as Malta, Italy, Croatia, Jordan, Georgia, Lebanon, Portugal and Spain.

The purpose of this project is to enhance their skills in fostering acceptance and tolerance,thereby countering radicalization and discriminatory attitudes among the young individuals they engage with.

L.O.V.E stands for Loving Organisation vs. Extremism and this explain the sense of this Training. The youth organisations could be an important player to help young people to divert from extremism and radicalisation phenomena and to aim their personal growth toward acceptance and tolerance.

Profile of participants

This selection will primarily consider participant needs, past experiences,  commitment, motivation, and expectations. Udruga Better Me is happy to welcome participants with fewer opportunities and differently-abled. The course is designed to meet everyone’s needs in an inclusive way.

Prospective participants should meet the  following criteria:  

  1. Age requirement of 18 years or older.  
  2. Proficiency in basic English communication.  
  3. Willingness to actively participate in all planned project activities. • Strong motivation to  explore creative and innovative methods for addressing bullying.  
  4. Readiness to engage in local, national, European, and international activities and projects. 
  5. Eagerness to acquire knowledge and apply their experiences within their respective  organizations.  
  6. Dedication to enhancing and honing their skills related to alternative and innovative learning  approaches rooted in creativity.  

Travel reimbursement, Accommodation and meals

The project is fully financed by Erasmus Plus. For each participant from Croatia, the programme cover accommodation and meals at 100%. When it comes to the travel reimbursement, all the expenses of flight (economy or low cost), bus and train (in 2nd or economy class) are fully reimbursed up to €275.

In order to apply for this project, please fill up the Google Form below no later than 11th of November, 2023. 

Udruga Better Me reserves the right to select participants before that day.

For further information, contact us at betterme.croatia@gmail.com and contact us on Facebook and Instagram.