Seven Notes, One Future! Music Youth Exchange – Zagreb, 4th-15th of July, 2024

Udruga Better Me is really excited in announcing that a new music Youth Exchange is ready to be implemented! After the success of “BEAT IT – with a Beat!”we are ready to implement another project in which producing an album with 10 brand news songs will be the core of the experience. This year, from July 4th to 15th, 2024 we are going to involve 20 young people and 5 group leader from Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Italy (4 participants and 1 group leader per Country).

Objectives of the project.

The project’s title symbolizes the collaborative efforts of 25 young individuals towards crafting a tangible outcome – a music album. Unified in the creative process, they aim to advocate for themselves and influence society, challenging notions of adultism and ageism. This will be achieved through the universal language of music. The project incorporates non-formal educational activities such as group discussions, jam sessions, songwriting workshops, a live performance, and album recording.

Its objectives are to:

  • Provide young musicians and singers with firsthand experience in recording, cooperative songwriting, and live performance.
  • Offer them a platform to express themselves freely through music, ensuring their voices are heard without adult intervention.
  • Investigate inequalities, stereotypes, and prejudices surrounding different generations, while highlighting the significance of intergenerational dialogue in combating ageism and adultism.

Topic of the project and Activities proposed.

The project focuses on how young people are treated in today’s world. Adults often judge and stereotype them, and their voices aren’t taken seriously in politics, media, or by older folks. This is called adultism, where young people are ignored and can’t make a difference.

In this project, young people get to speak up and influence society. With the help of group leaders and Glazbena kuća (House of Music), they’ll create a 10-track album. Through music and fun activities, they’ll share their experiences and hopes for the future. The album will be free to download and share on, spreading their message even further.

Selection Criteria.

GROUP LEADER (one per country):

  • 18+ years old, able to help and support participants’ learning during the activities;
  • People with experience in the topic of the project. People who have at least amatuer experience in playing an instrument, singing, composing or songwriting;
  • People who have already participated, both as participants and as group leaders, in other Erasmus+ projects (not necessary, but recommended);
  • People with a good command of the English language (to communicate in the most effective way with the organisers and to simplify the resolution of any problem that might emerge during the activities);
  • Eager to facilitate activities with their national group.

This is a youth exchange and there won’t be a trainer – but each group will prepare and facilitate at least one activity in this project. To prepare for that, we are having the APV!

PARTICIPANT PROFILE (4 per country):

  • Aged between 18 and 30, male and female in the most equal proportion as possible (for underaged people, it will be necessary to obtain an authorisation from parents);
  • People interested in the topic (necessary);
  • Singers and musicians, even on amateur level (neccessary);
  • Young people with fewer opportunities (at least one per country);
  • Young people eager to share their experiences and point of view , able to engage in debates and be involved in the recording of a music album.

Accommodation, meals and travel costs reimbursed.

This project is a youth exchange financed by European Union through the programme “Erasmus Plus” and therefore, each participants will be hosted by Udruga Better Me, who will provide accommodation and meals along the duration of the project. Moreover, the reimbursement of the travel expenses will be operated shortly after the end of the Youth Exchange.

How to apply?

If you want to apply – after have read the infopack and checking the form and the Selection Criteria – please do it through the following Google form below, no later than May 31st, 2024. You will be contacted by Udruga Better Me or by the organisation partners for an interview. The result of the selection will be communicated shortly after the interview.